Jim Thomes

First post: Jan 15, 2019 Latest post: Aug 24, 2020
Kathy and I have had a challenging few months, with more to follow.  On September 6, I learned that I have Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer with potential implications in the liver.  Unfortunately, the Thomes family has a history of cancer, including pancreatic cancer.  I began chemotherapy treatment on Wednesday, September 19 at Methodist Hospital's Frauenshuh Cancer Center in Minneapolis. 

This is a very aggressive cancer which apparently began in my system in the last 4-5 months.  It is one of the toughest cancers to fight as it is seldom identified before it reaches an advanced stage; and although there is much ongoing research and testing, there is no known cure at this time.  As it was described to me, it is considered controllable, not curable at this point.  The treatment has been continued chemotherapy, no radiation.

Health-wise going into this situation, I was in good shape.  In September 2017 I began a personal regimen of dieting and water aerobics that worked famously for me and made me as physically fit as I’d been in some time.  I lost 6 pounds per month from Sep 2017 to date, totaling 75 pounds in a year.  It brought me from my highest ever body weight to a weight I was at 30 years ago.  The pancreas tumor may have impacted my weight loss the last several months, but the first 50+ pounds was due to work on my part.  That should help me in this current fight.

Kathy has been a saint and Florence Nightingale to me since this began, as have my daughters, Tara and Kelley and my sons-in-law, Jerry and Kevin.  Several dear friends have also been a great sounding board for me.

My faith is strong, my support system is beyond outstanding and I couldn’t be happier with my medical team.  Please include Kathy and me on your prayer list and give your own family an extra hug tonight. 

Hoping and praying for the best,