Jim McGilley

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.This description of Jim's cancer is being written by his sister, Meg.  I am not a doctor or medical professional so forgive me if I speak in basic terms, generalities or don't get all the medical terms precisely correct.  If you want more details, please don't contact Jim.  The purpose of this website is to minimize the number of well-intentioned calls and emails he's getting.  Ask your questions here and I'll do my best to answer them.
Jim's diagnosis is stage 4 adenocarcinoma.  This is a non-small cell carcinoma.  The primary cancer is in the lung.  It has metastasized to his brain and to his adrenal gland. 

Jim has chosen to be treated at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. 
Jim is waiting to get results from a blood test and a tissue sample that will determine whether he has a type of this cancer for which there are specific known treatments or active clinical trials.  If not, he'll follow what is referred to as the "standard of care" for lung cancer.  I'll describe his course of therapy once it has been determined.
The cancer in his brain was found solely in his cerebellum.  He has had radiation treatment for those lesions.  The radiation focused on the part of the cerebellum where the lesions were found, not the entire cerebellum nor the entire brain.  Side effects from radiation to date have been limited to extreme fatigue.  He still has that amazing head of hair!
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