Jim Kirby

First post: Oct 17, 2019 Latest post: Jan 29, 2020

On Sunday October 13th Jim suffered a traumatic injury. He was outside at the farm cutting grapes that had grown to the top of their rectangle corn crib. He was approximately 20-25 feet up on a ladder when he fell. The fall was unwitnessed but we believe he held on to the ladder as it fell to the ground. After a few moments Pat came around the corner and found him on the ground. Pat acted swiftly and pulled the car up as close as she could. She assisted him to his feet and into the vehicle and rushed him to Osceola Hospital.  Jim was in and out of consciousness during transport. Shortly after arrival to the hospital it was determined that he needed to be flown via helicopter to Regions in St. Paul for better resources. Jim was put under sedation and a breathing tube was inserted. Regions emergency dept. and trauma team determined that Jim had suffered major skull, facial, and brain injuries; he had four brain bleeds, a fracture to his frontal (skull) bone, a fracture to his temporal (skull) bone, a fracture to his orbital (eye) socket, and multiple fractures to his nose. Once they had him stable he was moved to the intensive care unit for further treatment. The staff at Regions continued to monitor Jim. Multiple departments worked together to manage his recovery. They slowly decreased the amount of sedation, monitored vitals, used every resource to assist him to break a fever, and continued to evaluate his neurological state. Within days Jim became more aware but still unconscious. He began showing movement in every limb, but still couldn't follow most verbal commands. Neurology has explained that the portions of his brain that suffered the bleeds are involved in his ability to  understand as well as perform requested tasks. The recovery process will be slow. Patience is virtue. Prayers have been received well. Jim has been surrounded by immediate family and friends since the incident. Jim is getting stronger and healing everyday.