Jim (Poppy) Cox Jim Cox

First post: Feb 4, 2020 Latest post: Apr 24, 2021
Jim's journey started May 2016, we had just celebrated our youngest sons high school graduation and getting ready to become full time empty nesters. Jim had applied for a new life insurance policy and found out through the blood work his PSA was elevated.  July 11th , Jim had a radical prostatectomy. Doctors did discover it had escaped the margins but it looked promising. He was required to take several months to heal then start 35 rounds of radiation. He was a trooper. Never stopped working. Psa stayed low for a little while, then started climbing. So he started an oral chemo. It worked for a while and then it didn't. He then started injected chemo. He lost his hair, started loosing his nails, his skin was paper thin, but he never complained. He always made the chemo nurses smile and laugh. After fourth round, PSA was climbing rapidly they decided to stop the chemo. It was doing more damage than good. Fast forward to September 2019, God placed in his life an amazing woman, Crystal Cassidy,  who  is engaged to one of Jims dear friends. This family put out a family prayer request to pray for Jim Cox because his cancer is spreading, and she texted back and said, I want to do something. And something she did!!! She put us in contact with a doctor that would lead us to the current trial he is on. It is an Abscopal trial.  Basically they freeze a tumor, which enables the emmune system to recognize the cancers DNA signature.  The first procedure was not successful, as they hit a healed tumor.  It's very difficult to distinguish healed bone from cancer lesion.  The second procedure they did infact hit a tumor. He had an mri with contrast a week before the procedure and it was confirmed to be an active tumor. We are scheduled for another procedure in either February or March.