Jessika Magnett

First post: Dec 8, 2019 Latest post: Dec 30, 2019
Hello family and friends of Jessika Magnett! We'll be using this website to update everyone on Jessika's surgery and recovery. Please share this with anyone you think might want to know what's happening. In case you aren't aware of Jessika's story, here's the summary:

Jessika had started noticing some health issues over the summer, the most pronounced of which was a significant loss in hearing in her right ear. In September she started having bouts of vertigo. At first they were brief and would just lay her up for a few hours, but they gradually got worse and worse until around early November she was unable to go to work anymore because she was almost constantly dizzy and nauseous. She went to an ENT who believed she had Meniere's Disease, but wanted to rule out a few other things just in case by running a few tests. One of those tests was an MRI to get a look at her inner ear area. The MRI showed what had been causing all of her issues: a mass in her cerebellum. She quickly got into a neurosurgeon and he determined that surgery would be necessary. The fantastic news is that he is confident that the tumor is benign!

So that's where we are. Surgery has been scheduled for December 12th and is going to be a long one. She's been told she'll get worse before she gets better as her stretched out nerves will need to get used to that tumor not being there anymore. Keep visiting us here for updates!