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First post: Jul 18, 2022 Latest post: Jan 14, 2023
So not much to report but trying to keep everyone updated as I see the amazing support and love coming her way.  Working on weening her off blood pressure meds and getting the feeding tube out this week then moving her out of ICU.  Starting next week she’ll be in “rehab boot camp” for overall rehabilitation but really targeting getting her right side and her brain to connect.  After a few weeks of this (or however long insurance will allow) she’ll be home but need total assistance and continue rehab there with a hodge podge of friends and family working together to care for her as well as run through all her rehab exercises around the clock. 
She’s starting to express frustration over her condition which is understandable but also wonderful because that should fuel her drive for rehab. 
 I’m summarizing what I’ve been told as much as I can so forgive the repeating, rambling and typos.  I’m in awe of how much love our family is feeling from all of you.  Please pray for Jessica.  It’s heartbreaking to see my sister like this but if anyone can get through this it’s her.  💙💕💋

It is going to be a long slow road for Jessica’s recovery but we are hopeful and celebrating each small milestone. Due to the severity of her strokes and with them being on both sides of her brain, her right side is completely immobile at this time and she has limited function in her left. Our first hope is to work towards improving her speech and working towards being able to eat and drink again so we can remove her feeding to tube. We are hoping to move her to an in Patient rehab soon so that she can really work on making some progress. Please continue to send her your well wishes and prayers. Thank you all for your support. She is definitely feeling the love.