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Jesse Ander

First post: Jun 18, 2018 Latest post: Jun 25, 2018
On Sunday, June 17th, Jesse was driving through Nevada on his way from Dallas, TX  to Big Bear, CA to see family when he was involved in an accident on the highway about an hour outside of Barstow. Witnesses have shared that they saw his Ford F-150 crash into the back of a semi-truck that was crawling due to an accident up ahead.  He was traveling at highway speed so his truck went under the rear of the semi. 

Amazing good samaritans hurried to the accident and stayed with him for several hours until they were able to get him out of the wreck and airlift him 100 miles to Las Vegas.  We’re so lucky that two of the initial people to reach him are trauma nurses.  He was going in and out of coinsciouness but the folks with him were able to use Facebook to reach out to people until they got through to his brother, Jason. His mom and dad, Lisa and Gregg, and his little brother, Erik, were the next calls and we left immediately to meet him at the UMC Trauma Center in Vegas.