Jerry Yager

First post: Aug 9, 2015 Latest post: Jun 16, 2022
On Monday, August 3rd, Jerry was on his motorcycle on his way back from a fishing trip in Mille Lacs, MN. While on Highway 169 in Elk River at around 2:30 P.M. he lost control of the bike and encountered the guard rail between the highway and was propelled into the area between the guard rails. He was luckily wearing a helmet. Emergency officers were called to the scene and upon arrival realized that he had a collapsed or punctured lung, which they temporarily fixed by inserting a needle into his lung that allowed air to circulate through his lungs.

He was then air lifted to North Memorial Hospital where he was treated in the Emergency Room (ER) for damage on his spleen and his lungs. At the time he arrived at the hospital he was talking and was able to respond to questions, but was not able to recall what caused the accident They were able to fix his lung but his spleen was not able to be fixed through non-invasive surgery. Since spleen injuries like this tend to fix themselves they opted to monitor it and determine if it would, in fact, fix itself. While in the ER they also determined that he suffered 7 broken ribs on the left side of his body in multiple places. Outside of that he endured a minor laceration on his left elbow, for which he received 2 stitches. He has since been under the care of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and has been heavily sedated. One of the drugs being used is called Propofol and is being used to sedate him but also to short term memory loss so he doesn't remember the pain he is experiencing here. This is also the drug that Michael Jackson overused and subsequently killed himself using (the hospital is much better at administering the drug). He also has an epidural in and we're told he feels no pain because of this.

On Friday, August 7th, he underwent surgery on his ribs. The surgery was completely successful and they were able to plate 5 of the 7 broken ribs in order to expedite the healing process and reduce pain. This is a relatively new surgery and has only been used in extreme circumstances so we're very glad it was successful. I will update this site daily with his progress henceforth.

- Shane