Jerry T. Schneider

The Siamese battling fish, or betta, is a vibrantly-colored fish commonly seen swimming solo in brandy sniffers as well as decorative vases in both the workplace and residence. However do these small, aesthetically-pleasing fish bowls give a healthy setting for the fish? Is the preferred betta bachelor seeking a companion or is it better off living alone?

Read on and find out more concerning this elegant, multi-hued fish, and bear in mind: If work or traveling maintains you from residence, constantly pick a specialist pet caretaker for your pet-sitting needs. You can locate your neighborhood specialist pet dog caretaker on

The betta was first found in Southeast Asia. Making its house in rice paddies, water drainage ditches as well as the warm flood levels of the area, the betta ended up being accustomed to frequent storm flooding as well as devastating droughts. The cyclic, drastic adjustments in its atmosphere aided the fish to adjust - becoming a true labyrinth fish. A labyrinth fish has the special capacity to breathe oxygen directly from the air as well as additionally absorb oxygen from its gills. Therefore, bettas and other maze fish can endure for short amount of times out of water as well as if required, can inhale the air around them (offered they stay damp.) This additionally discusses why a betta can maintain itself in stagnant, oxygen-deficient water. Although bettas can tolerate small rooms and bad water quality, they do best in little aquariums (at the very least 2 gallons) with routine water adjustments. The favored water temperature for a betta is 76-82 levels F.