Jerry Quinehan Jerry Quinehan

First post: May 3, 2018 Latest post: Jun 2, 2018
Jerry has had a bumpy road since his massive stroke in Sept 2015. Since then he lost his Wife (of 48 years) in Nov 2016.  She was his main caregiver so after a lot of conversations he finally agreed to move in with his daughter Lonna and her family in Dec 2016. He was reluctant at first but has grown to enjoy our busy life style. Recently he has been fighting numerous infections and has been in and out of the hospitals. Thursday April 26th we met with a care team and that is when the Doctor informed us that since his stroke in Sept 2015 he has had 3 major strokes and numerous small strokes according to his brain scans. They feel his Esophagus was affected in one of these strokes which has caused him to have issues with swallowing without vomiting. Its been difficult to take his daily medication since he cant swallow anything with substance. We were informed by the doctors that he does not have much time left.  We discharged him from the hospital on Monday May 2nd so he could come home and spend time with family and be more comfortable.  
Hospice joined us Monday night to offer comfort care while he is coming closer to the end of his journey on earth.