Jerry McMillan

First post: May 7, 2019 Latest post: Nov 2, 2019
Carlton (Jerry) McMillan was living life to the fullest.  He was traveling with friends and family, active in Bible Study, enjoying  all the Grandchildren and enriching his life expectations through the teaching of Jordan Petersen.  Quite unexpectedly his balance was off and his left side was bumping into things .  His doctor ordered tests which revealed he had a brain tumor.  

He was immediately hospitalized and surgery was performed on Tuesday April 16th.  The surgeon removed 95% of the tumor with no damage to his motor skills and speech.   The tumor was Grade IV Gliomas Astrocytomas, commonly known as malignant Glioblastoma

The long term prognosis is good - but not excellent.  Jerry's life expectancy is between 18-24 months.  We expect to life a full and happy life during that time, filled with God's grace.