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Thank you for caring enough to find this site.  This is Jennifer, Jerry's daughter.  My family and I are grateful for your prayers especially, knowing that there is One Savior of men.   I hope to share updates at least once daily.  

My dad has been living with CLL (leukemia) for years.  Doing well, but tired often at the end of a full day.  When he told me that he was too tired to keep plans with his grandkids (he was going to take them each out for dinner and Grandpa time)  I knew something was not normal.  He doesn't break plans for sleepiness.
He intended to sleep it off.  That was Monday, March 15th. 
Instead, when I spoke with him the next day he was weaker, had a slight headache.  He continued to rest and remain in touch.  I helped him figure out where to get a COVID test and he went.  The next day they confirmed it was COVID 19. 
He didn't feel congested at all really, but went to the dr.  They diagnosed bronchitis and gave him antibiotics and an inhaler.   We remained in touch and he complained of the typical weakness and sleepiness associated with COVID.  I drove some snacks and vitamins to him on Friday March 19th and he could walk around and talk normal.  Wasn't really coughing or anything.  "Just tired" he said. 

Over the weekend he slept.  I got a few texts from him that he was "tired' and pics from his view from his bed. 

Weds, March 24th he finally answered my call.....(we were just texting short texts back and forth) ....but the conversation made me stop what I was doing and drive the kids home and then out to his house.
I took him to the ER in Waconia and was met by a very kind staff, for which I am grateful.  
They rushed him to the bed to begin treatment because his oxygen was dangerously low.  (55%)

Overnight that night they transferred him to Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis, where he remains today.

He started on 100% oxygen upon arrival, and I was able to talk with him.  He was still his normal -amazing and caring-about-others self.....but his blood oxygen level dropped to 88% a few times and in the middle of the night, the Drs decided that the best/safest course of action was to sedate him and intubate him.  

The good news we can be thankful for: 
He's on the ventilator yet and has gone from needing 100% oxygen when he arrived to 40% today.  
His kidneys are tested daily and they are showing constant function improvement. 
The staff taking care of him truly care...they are even playing his favorite music in his room.  Old school country. :) 
I thank God for them. 

The things we need prayer for: 
That his body would start to filter out electrolytes on its own. 
His potassium is especially concerning....however, it IS responding to the medications given to bring it down. PRAISE GOD!!

That he would hear my brothers and I when we do our nightly call.  The Dr said patients can hear and remember often. It's weird...but amazing. 

Continued comfort for our family from God...... a dependence on Jesus alone........nothing but Christ and His word.  (not food, alcohol, entertainment etc)
It can be tempting to check out from traumatic things......to escape......But we don't need to when we know the Savior, though it's easy to want to hide.  
 Pray for my dad's faith....that his hope is in Jesus alone....above all else, this is my prayer and my plea. 

Even So. 
More faith, more love, more tenderness....more of Jesus.
In His Name,