Jerry Byrd

First post: Jul 25, 2018 Latest post: Aug 10, 2018
Hello friends and family!  Since we don’t have access to Jerry’s various distribution lists, we thought that using Caring Bridge would be a great way to keep everyone up to date with Jerry’s heart bypass surgery and recovery, since so many of you have been so kind to reach out and check on him!  To catch everyone up, below is a recap and timeline of the last few weeks....

For several months, Jerry had been experiencing shortness of breath and went to the doctor to see if he could get some exercise and/or physical therapy setup.  As it turns out, his doctor prescribed a heart catheterization, which he had on June 28.  The results showed multiple blockages which, after research and consultation, the recommended course of action was heart bypass surgery.  The surgery was scheduled for July 19, after Janice, his bride of nearly 50 years, returned from her mission work in Hungary.

The triple bypass went off flawlessly.  In the 5 days since, he has progressed physically ….. his heart is strong, his breathing is improved, after some concern for his kidneys, they seem to be normalized.  The doctors have been pleased on the medical front.  There was also concern that he had a blood clot—the doctor said he was 99.9% sure--but with so many of you praying, they were surprised when the tests came back negative in both his brain and lungs!  Answer to prayer!

As Jerry’s body has been recovering well, he has not been fully cognitive since the surgery.  The prayer concern is that Jerry continues to be severely disoriented and had been belligerent, uncooperative and aggressive with the staff.  They believe this is a result of the anesthesia, pain meds, not sleeping and his age. It should have worn off in 2-3 days but he has been off pain meds for 3 days already. EVERYONE is being upbeat about this - since it is not out of the norm post operatively. (Jerry had a brief episode of reaction to meds from a shoulder surgery a few years back but no one was prepared for this.) 

We will continue to add entries as there are developments.  Thanks for the continued prayers!