Jerry Broberg

First post: Mar 29, 2019 Latest post: Feb 6, 2020
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated on Dad's (Jerry's) accident and recovery.  Here's what we know of what may have happened:

On Monday March 25th, 2019 Jerry left home around 11:30 a.m. to go on a walk at the Coon Rapids Dam, which is something he does quite often with and with out other people so our Mom (Angie) thought nothing of it.  At around 1:30 p.m. Mom got a call from a nurse at the hospital on Dad's cell phone saying someone called 911 and the ambulance picked up Dad somewhere at the dam dazed, confused and not knowing what happened or even how he got to the dam.

What happened in between him leaving for a walk and Mom getting the call from the hospital is somewhat of a mystery as he doesn't remember and we have no contact with the 911 caller or the EMTs.  We have gathered that he fell and hit his head and became confused, later finding out he has fractures in his back also.  We think he may have just fallen backward hard and fast as there is no evidence of heart attack, stroke, or aneurysm.  He also had all of his belongings on him and no other significant injuries/wounds, ruling out being attacked or mugged.  Someone witnessed the fall or found him (?), and called 911 and  may or may not have stayed with Dad until the EMTs arrived.  The EMTs found dad face down unconscious, but there was also another story that he walked to the stretcher with the police and EMTs and had no recollection of what happened or how he got there.

Since Monday March 25, 2019 he has been in the ICU with the main concern brain bleeding and swelling and other major concern a fractured back.  Along the way he also has suffered from severe headache (to be expected), nausea and vomitting (also to be expected), heart out of rhythm afib (also common with stress to the body),  cracked skull, and major confusion/agitation (also to expected with a head injury).  

We sincerely appreciate the out-pouring of love, support, encouragement, and prayers!  We know and trust that our God, the Great  Healer and Physician has Dad in his hands.