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Hello everyone,

Burying someone is never easy and certainly painful when it is someone that you have known and loved your entire life. Our brother Jermaine was a real ball of energy throughout his life. From his toddler years, Jermaine struggled with his primary health issue (Sickle Cell Anemia) crises that had him in the hospital for months at a time. Sometimes he was in a coma induced state but he would always bounce back after a while, yet he remained  active. Moving into adulthood his health issues increased by adding kidney disease, congested heart failure, high-blood pressure and seizures, which compromised his health even more. Although he struggled, Jermaine never displayed weakness and remained active and moving, never playing the victim. On February 1st, our brother (Jermaine) was found unresponsive. He was admitted in the hospital and immediately placed on life-support. Further test revealed severe brain damage which during this time he remained unresponsive. On the early morning of February 13th, his vitals drastically dropped and he was pulled off dialysis treatment. At this time he coded, and was shocked and resuscitated. The same day Jermaine coded for the last time at 3:25 p.m., which at that time he was pronounced dead.

Jermaine was a fighter but he does not have to fight the battle anymore, and the family does not have to wonder if he is in the hospital, if he is okay, or wish he was not sickly. God’s gained another angel that we know. However, life insurance was not an option for my brother and asking for monetary donations to give him a proper home going is a lot to do but I know that it takes money to make this happen and ensure a proper burial.  Anything that you can donate (link attached at the bottom), I definitely am grateful and most thankful.

Thank you,

Yolanda Henderson

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