Jeremy Miles

First post: Apr 25, 2019 Latest post: Jun 16, 2019

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Jeremy is in the critical care unit recovering from 2 major surgeries including bowel reconstruction, tumor removal, Pneumonia, and a cancer diagnosis. Once he is doing well and recovered from the surgeries, he will meet with an oncologist to find out more about the cancer - where it is, if it has spread and what the course of action and treatment will be.   

Katie + Jeremy have not asked for any help or assistance, however, Jeremy has a long road ahead of him and isn’t going to be back to work anytime soon. With only having one income and partial insurance coverage, if you can offer more than prayers, is the direct link to Jeremy + Katie’s PayPal account. 

Donations will be used for living expenses, food, gas, childcare etc while Jeremy is recovering.  

A GoFundMe for medical expenses may be set up in the future, but for now, updates regarding Jeremy's health and progress will be posted here.   Please check here first for updates as Jeremy is recovering and Katie continues to work and take care of their children.