Jeremy Greene

First post: Nov 26, 2018 Latest post: Oct 9, 2019
Jeremy moved back to MN in January to see if the U of M could help with declining medical issues. Since January we have had 4 ER visits, 4 hospital stays, and 5 ERCP procedures. Since than we have been told he has stage 2 liver cirrhosis due to all the medications over the years from his cystic fibrosis. As they started to dig into that more, they noticed that might not be the reason for the elevated liver numbers. A liver biopsy and a biopsy from cells inside the intestine were performed. From this, it has been concluded that Jeremy has Periampullary Cancer. He is Schedule for a Whipple Procedure on December 13. At this time they will be removing 100% of his pancreas, part of his stomach, part of his intestine, and part of the liver. His hospital stay will be 10 to 14 days if all goes well.

As of today, we take it day to day. Some days he is really good and other days he is in a lot of pain. Nights are probably the hardest on him. We are all looking forward to getting this procedure put behind us and learning to adjust to life after this. Lots of prayers for a nice smooth recovery as we pray for no complications.