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First post: Feb 18, 2019 Latest post: Mar 17, 2019
Wednesday, 2/13/19, at around 6:30 pm, Jeremiah and a friend went sledding in the snow, in Pullman.  During his first "trip" down the hill, he hit a brick wall, face first.

An ambulance was called immediately.  He was sent to Pullman Regional, where after being assessed, was transported via ambulance to Spokane's Sacred Heart Medical Hospital.  While transport by the Life Flight team in the ambulance, he was heavily sedated. His life partner, Hannah Hogue, followed in a car with two of his friends, James and Jesse. 

Injuries sustained that we currently know about:  torn left ear - required stitches, multiple facial fractures, multiple scull fractures, fractured ribs, punctured lung, lacerated spleen, a couple spinal fractures, fractured  left cheek and left eye orbit, and worst of all, a severe traumatic brain injury with bleeding in and on the brain.  After viewing his CT scan, his brain is VERY swollen.  (I cannot tell you how awful and heart-wrenching it was to view and listen to the doctor.)  

The brain bleeding has stopped (yay!!).  Until his brain stops swelling, no other issues will be addressed.  

It has been several days exhausting days since the accident.  He has had all sorts of blood work, CT's, more blood work, xrays, more blood work, an angiogram of the brain, a scan of the heart (done today, 2/17/19), more bloodwork....  He is hooked up to all multiple wires and tubes, a ventilator, has contraption to keep his body cool, which is wrapped around his legs and lower torso.  He has a monitor that is watching his BP, body temp, arterial BP, his oxygen intake, and his rate of respiration.  Until about 10 today, he had a bolt (yes - I said bolt), screwed into his head with a wire coming out of it, which monitored the swelling in his brain. 

He is sedated and on pain meds.   The big thing the doctors are looking for is that he will follow commands, respond to questions (thumbs up, shaking or nodding head) and intentionally move.  

He can still hear us.  Sometimes he "wakes up" a little.  He will move his legs, feet, and his right arm.  He is having problems with the movement of his left arm; does not move it very well.  He will occasionally open his eyes.  

On 2/17/19, with the aid of the Neuro-doctor propping his eyes open, he looked over at Hannah and pointed at her (enter happy dance, with bawling right behind).

With everything being said, Jeremiah is doing GREAT! The Neuro-surgeon determined on 2/17 that the bolt could come out because his brain pressure has remained at a normal level for a few days. We can now have an MRI to see any other damage that may be going on:  his head, neck, and left arm.

Unfortunately we are on hold right now.  His lungs are starting to act up due to aspirating fluids during the accident.  His oxygen settings have had to be increased to maintain his good O2.  The Respitory dept does not have a portable ventilator strong enough to keep him stable.  Until his lungs get better, he is on two of the strongest antibiotics and on lasix to help with reducing fluid in his body. 

He has had a severe traumatic brain injury.  We do not know what the future holds, but we are remaining very optimistic.

Many people ask what they can do.  That is a very difficult question.   Your thoughts and prayers are very welcome. A gofundme account will be set up as Hannah and Jeremiah are not only putting themselves through college at WSU (Jeremiah is in their Culinary program, Hannah is working on a wildlife ecology degree), they also support themselves financially.  Without his income, making their bills will be a hardship for Hannah. 

At this time, only immediate family are allowed visitation as he is in the ICU.  This is to reduce the risk of infection. 

Please do not be offended if texts, emails, are not answered.  Jeremiah is our priority. If you have any questions or comments, please send them here and we will answer. We are inundated with text, emails, and phone calls. It would be a relief to have only one place to go to. Status updates will be posted as we get them. 

Thank you,
Ramona & Hannah