Jenn Birrell-Maglia Jenn's Beautiful Journey

First post: Aug 19, 2020 Latest post: Jan 4, 2021

This story is about a lovely, red-haired fire cracker who lights up every room she enters with her smile, her sarcastic wit, and her ever-strong presence.  Anyone who's ever met Jenn Maglia knows she's such a graceful dichotomy of herself - she is at once hard as nails, while she is also the most kind and generous soul you'd ever get to meet. An eternally private person who never asks for a thing from anyone, she WOULD give us a serious piece of her mind for making her the center of attention now.  But ...  we want you to know what's happening in this end-of-life journey, so I hope this page is helpful for all of you.

Jenn entered the hospital last week after not being well for several weeks prior. Unfortunately, her kidneys were not functioning properly, and in addition her liver was shutting down from the stress of removing the toxins from her body. ICU doctors with Anschutz hospital in Aurora have worked around the clock to find a way to help her; however, the prognosis is not great. Her kidneys did begin functioning normally at one point, but despite administering every type of treatment available, her condition has steadily declined over the past several days.

Please share your favorite memory of Jenn in the guest comments section of this site. We believe she is still able to hear and comprehend. There is always hope that the doctors will find a way to save her.  Anthony, Benjie, Savannah, Lisa, Carol, Mark, Eve, and Mitch would all appreciate you praying for a miracle to whichever higher power you believe in. If you don't believe in a higher power that's ok. Please close your eyes, listen to music she loved, allow yourself to hear that silly laugh of hers in your head, picture those beautiful blue eyes, and send positive thoughts out to the universe.