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Before Saturday, April 14th, Jim, and I were enjoying  life in Worland, Wyoming.  Unfortunately, that day Jim went to the ER because he was having lower abdominal pain.  The ER did a CT scan and showed he had a major blockage of the lower intestine, colon and had leached onto his liver.  Literally, 30 minutes later we were in Billings, Montana after being life-flighted.  Another group of doctor's were awaiting his arrival and more scans were run.  It was decided he would need surgery, but he had to have his belly emptied, so an NG tube was placed while he was awake, to get everything draining out of him.  He  had surgery on Monday, April 16th.  In that procedure, the first order of business was removing the blockage, which meant Jim had the better part of his colon removed and received a ileostomy bag for future voiding.  He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer that had metasticized to all of his organ's.  Just 10 month's ago, Jim had a colonoscopy that was clear.

The cancer that Jim has is very rare and very aggressive.  The doctor's are hoping to at least stop the tumor from growing through chemotherapy.  Because the cancer is so rare, by the time it is found, it is pretty much too late.  Jim has lead a very healthy and active lifestyle his 62 year's here on earth.  He's enjoyed life with his 2 daughter's, Michelle and Kristin.  Both have gone on to be successful in their lives.  Jim is even the Wellness Coordinator at his work.  We realize the time is short, but are thankful to know what day's we have ahead.  

Jim and I are humble people and never wanted to ask for assistance, but a friend insisted and I know that we have many expenses besides those that are covered by insurance.  We feel like we have had many blessings in life and are grateful for each and every one.  I hope that our story is able to serve as testimony for others to take care of themselves and appreciate their precious lives with their loved ones!  Tell those special people in your lives what they mean to you, buy the shoes, eat the donut, climb a mountain and say I Love You.