JENNIFER VASKO Jennifer Vasko - Cancer

First post: Jan 27, 2021 Latest post: Mar 14, 2021
I am not alone, yet everything around me is very dark.

The unedited journal of what it has been like being diagnosed with and the fight to conquer Breast Cancer.

Jennifer was not expecting those words to come from the radiologists mouth. “Your mammogram (that you fought to get) well it came back with what looks to be cancer in both your breast and your lymph nodes.” Excuse me say what? “Yes, we need to schedule the biopsies and verify however I am 99% sure. I am sorry to have to share this with you.”

This page will not only include the inner mind of Jennifer, it will also provide an area to find updates as she moves along in her journey. There is also a link provided to her GoFundMe page. Without social media such as Facebook, the public traction of her fundraiser has been limited so please feel free to share her story if you choose to do so.