Jennifer Novak

First post: Mar 26, 2021 Latest post: Mar 11, 2022
In February 2021 Jennifer Novak suffered an infection of some sort that caused "acute idiopathic compartment syndrome" in her left leg. After four weeks in the hospital and many attempts to save her limb, Jennifer's left leg was amputated above the knee.  Six months later, she has a brand-new prosthetic leg and many more months to come of intensive physical therapy so that she can learn to walk again. 

From late March to late May, Jennifer went through the ordeal of multiple institutional rehabilitations to get her back to strength and independent living, all through Covid-based restrictions and other constraints that impacted her ability to get immediate improvement in her condition. In late May Jennifer moved in with a church friend and continued physical and occupational therapy in this transitional living arrangement. In mid-July Jennifer moved into a brand-new ADA accessible apartment near her old address.  Unfortunately, she could no longer perform her job as a social worker case manager, so she is now unemployed.  She continues to have the support of church and neighborhood friends and some support from insurance to continue her rehabilitation.

If you know Jennifer, you know that she has had a long road of illness in her past but she faces each new turn with strength.  She has a heart condition with multiple operations, and is a cancer survivor. This Caring Bridge page it to update her friends and family on how Jennifer is doing along this journey. Please check in here for latest updates and news.