Jennifer Kohlhepp

First post: Jul 11, 2018 Latest post: Sep 13, 2018
it was three weeks today that Jenn was taken by  an ambulance to St Mary’s hospital  in West Palm Beach Florida.   The stroke team immediately went to work to stabilize her and diagnose that one of two blood clots in her throat travelled to her left frontal and temporal part of her brain.  The initial news was that she was paralyzed on right side, may never speak, or understand language.  Her journey has been baby steps towards progress. We know she is in there as she has raised her left hand and can show you two fingers, thumbs up on command.   At 35 we have FAITH she will recover.   We also believe that God has blessed her with that spicy, competitive, spirit that at times will drive us crazy- but I believe God prepared her for this journey as her attitude will help her turn baby steps into strides.  She is still breathing on a ventilator. Today she will receive a tracheotomy.    
So many people have reached out.   I opened this site to keep you all informed and more importantly for prayers. If everyday you can take 20 seconds to ask the Lord to give Jenn the strength -  many thanks. 
I have made a donation to this site to help us stay connected., you do not need to donate.  At this point she can not receive flowers,   You can send cards to the following address:  
Jennifer Kohlhepp
Select Hospital ICU 4
3060 Meleluca lane
Lake Worth, Florida.   33461