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First post: Apr 9, 2018 Latest post: Jun 5, 2019
Hi, everyone!  Thanks for visiting our site.  We have been overwhelmed with the love and support we have received, and thought one central place for updates would be helpful.  

I was admitted to the wonderful Brigham and Women's on Friday March 30th.  Soon after, I was diagnosed with angio-sarcoma cancer.  We are so grateful that through everything, our little Baby McCann-Black has been resilient and perfectly healthy.  Right now, the plan is continue weekly chemo treatments, and allow this baby to grow as long as possible.  I am on bed rest in the hospital until the delivery, which we are hoping to make right around Mother's Day. 

We cannot even  begin to thank all the nurses and doctors who have helped us navigate all of this, and have already made me feel so much better than I was.  Plus, mine and Matt's parents constantly bringing them treats and lavishing thanks on them hasn't hurt, either!  We know we have such a strong support team around us, and we are optimistic about the future.  We love hearing from you and having visitors (but no pressure at all!).  If my college friends weren't kicked out of ICU for being too loud the other night, we know all visitors are welcome!

Thanks for sending positive thoughts, love and prayers,
Jen, Matt and Baby McCann-Black