Jeff Sampson

First post: Nov 19, 2022 Latest post: Jan 15, 2023
Through all this time, years ago my dad used to coach boys baseball for the North Branch Vikings, had a summer league with Erik Chouinard called the Yellow Belly Sapsuckers and also coached Stacy Rec Ball. Maybe some of you will know or remember that. My dad also used to coach a few girls soccer teams all year around (indoor and outdoor) with Josh Kopp, Brett Harper and Jim Long through the years. He was the best coach ever. I know that for a fact because me and my brother Cameron Sampson were on his teams or at each other's practices. He also was on the school board for the North Branch Middle school, he helped out alot with the communities and functions that were going on. As time passed he stepped down so others could have a chance at it and help the community as well. My dad was and still is a hard worker, he would help anyone that needed it, no matter if it was tying a shoe all the way to cutting down a tree, chopping it up, burning up the stumps and possibly getting injured in the process, stubborn man I tell you. But he is also a loving father that would do anything for his children and his wife, he cares alot about his neighbors and all they do to help. My brother actually got married in July and man I have not seen that big of a smile on his face since he was a coach, watching his children grow. In this time he has seen his son get married, go to college, work his tail off and build a beautiful home with his wife Mirella. Now for his daughter (Me) he has watched me cram through college, work…. Well never has its boundaries of stopping. But somehow he still manages to beat me in steps for the day, who knows he might be running laps around the house like we used to, but not telling anyone. Now for all that is going on now he is really pushing through these treatments and fighting back. With the help of our amazing neighbors cooking meals that he can eat and really going crazy on the yard work and being a huge help. It is amazing that a small gesture goes a long way. With this and the rounds of chemo going on, dad is really pushing to try to get up each day for walking and doing yoga. I personally don’t know how he  does it, but he is my hero, always will be. I know its a cheesy thing to say, but I am proud to call him my dad, father and #1 fan. Dad works with Wells Fargo, he has been with them for almost 30 years now and has worked his tail off, even with a daughter or son talking or being goofy in the background of an important meeting or conference call “its happened a lot”.