Jeffrey Kloster

First post: Aug 12, 2021 Latest post: Jun 17, 2024
On August 10th, 2021 Jeff was flying his plane to visit clients in Fargo ND. From what we have pieced together Jeff was attempting to land at the Fargo runway and decided to to make another go around for a better landing. Eyewitnesses say they heard his engine stop and then Jeff needed to make an emergency landing. Since the busy highway was not an option he headed for a soybean field but clipped a Cottonwood tree sending him straight down.
Two men driving by stopped to give help to Jeff. Upon reaching his plane they thought he was dead. One of the men, Michael at 18 years of age later told us he heard Jeff moaning. After emergency team had been notified Michael went and grabbed clean paper towels to assist Jeff and kept talking and encouraging Jeff until emt arrived. Also before the emt arrived the two men found Jeff's fire extinguisher and sprayed down Jeff's smoking engine. The emergency teams arrived and it took 40 minutes to remove Jeff from his plane cutting open the side of his place to safely extract him.
Jeff was taken to Sanford Fargo Hospital where his journey to health & recovery begins.