Jeff Stewart

First post: Jul 5, 2019 Latest post: Jul 19, 2019
 Hello Friends and Family. Here is the starting story of my diagnosis of Bladder Cancer. This first came about when I seen a new Urologist referred to me by my primary Dr.  I made an appointment with his office and seen him.  We talked for quite sometime and getting used to somebody regarding these issues are sometimes just hard to deal with personally.  I believe that through my Primary Doctor who is a Christian man, I was sent to this Urologist Dr. David Lewing.  We discussed my past history of multiple issues with chronic kidney stones, UTI's and just my quality of life in general.  He said to me Jeff if it is OK with you can we just start from square one and that was just what I wanted to hear.  Of course I need to get this figured out so he ordered blood work, labs, and a CT scan.  I went back for a follow up appt and he said that he wanted to do a cystoscopy on me to go in and look around the bladder since he seen some thickening in the wall of my bladder through the CT Scan and then he looked into my Kidneys to make sure everything was ok.  While looking in my bladder he discovered a mass pretty good in size and removed all of the tumor contained inside the bladder but since it had got into the lining of the bladder wall muscle he was not able to remove that.  He was certain that it was cancer but would have to wait for the pathology report to come back before an official diagnosis was made. It wasn't the news that I was wanting to wake up to following the procedure. So the worrying began and I started looking up stuff on the internet about it all and that was probably not the best thing to do but I did.  
That afternoon the Dr. office called my wife and told her that Dr. Lewing had already scheduled my follow up appt for the following Tuesday where we would find out what the pathology report showed for sure and to discuss what the process would be.  So this is where it all began and you can read the post about my diagnosis. I will officially begin the journey on Tuesday July 9th when I will see the Dr. at KU Medical Cancer Center to discuss the diagnosis and the plan for this journey and then that same afternoon I will go to another KU facility where I will see the Dr. that will be in charge of my chemo therapy which will be done prior to surgery where they will remove my bladder and my prostate and then I will have to wear a bag attached to the outside of my abdomen, and this is where I will urinate the rest of my life.
One thing I want everyone to know is that I am at TOTAL PEACE with this, of course I am scared but I know that God is in Total Control of this and He will take care of me according to His will for my Life.  I ask that everyone please follow my journey if you can, and please keep my Dear Wife and my Kids in your prayers that God will give us all the strength to FIGHT THIS BATTLE to the end and WIN!  Love to all of you. 😍