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First post: Feb 25, 2021 Latest post: Mar 15, 2021

It’s been exactly 11 months since Jeff found out he needed a kidney transplant. Jeff got the call from MAYO that he thought would never come. They found a match for him. 
*Jeff’s Story*
A little about my story and update all the people who have helped me this past year in getting this done. First and foremost I wanna thank Johnny Kisslingler for being my donor (Johnny is donating one of his kidneys to a complete stranger on behalf of me so I can receive a healthy kidney from another complete stranger) absolutely amazing of him to do this. Operation for us both is set at Mayo on February 25th. Please continue the prayers as the we need many more to be answered. The Lord has answered every one in the last 11 months in miraculous order. This grind has taught me so much about people. I have learned even in this extremely tough 2020 for everyone, people are just so amazing in time of need.

More thank yous will be coming as we get closer to operation but I wanted to thank Johnny first for going to the table for me, Colleen and the boys. Second I wanna thank all the people who called the Mayo for me as potential donors. The list is SO long. Just the effort in making that call is amazing. I really appreciate everything. Some people wait many many years to find a donor and with the help of my entire team we did this in less than one year. Please continue to ask the Lord for health and recovery as we have a ways to go. Make every day a great day. Jeff