Jeff Ingram

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     Jeff was diagnosed with polycythemia-vera about 2 years ago, the initial prognosis was good and could be treated with no change in life expectancy. Unfortunately, that myeloma blood disorder progresses to myeloid leukemia. Jeff is one of those rare cases where this has happened, he has been diagnosed with Secondary Acute Myeloma Leukemia (AML). He has gone through two round of chemo and will have a bone marrow/stem cell transplant on the 14th of September.  Thankfully, 2 of his siblings have been 100% donor matches and will be providing their cells for him.  On the downside this treatment will leave him unable to care for himself for up to 3 months with a full recovery time of 1 year. After the transplant he will be hospitalized for a month and receive around the clock care but once he is discharged he will still require assistance for a couple months.  Our family will need help during this period to provide for his needs properly. As he will be immunocomprised for this period we will have to be very cautious with how many people are interacting with him and this will make completing basic chores such as grocery shopping a risk for everyone in the family. We are reaching out to ask for your assistance in completing such basic tasks.  Please check the planner tab to see where you can help out!

If your would like to help out with meal prep please keep the following in mind: 

Due to the treatment the doctors have prescribed a specific diet for him, he is on an immunosuppressed diet, which means no sushi, no medium-done meats, no lunch meats (unless they are fully cooked), no pre-cut salads or greens, all fruits and veggies need to be triple washed and preferably cooked, no mushrooms, no raw nuts (unless roasted), no cheese with jalapeños (or other spiciness) , no food leftovers. The cooked food needs to be promptly refrigerated to cool down and stay free of any germs.  Please reach out with any questions regarding food prep. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

Thankfully, we have been financially stable through these tough times and will not be requiring donations, however if you feel compelled to donate please send money to these causes!
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: 
Partners in Health: 

Blessings with gratitude.

The Ingram Family
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