Jeff Denton

First post: Jun 30, 2022 Latest post: Jan 20, 2024
We learned this week that I have Bile Duct Cancer. It is non-curable and terminal. It's not the news we had hoped for, but exactly what God already knew. They fit me into a super-early surgery today to get a port inserted into my body and begin chemo immediately after the 4th of July holiday. These treatments will hopefully buy me some more time on this earth because I still have much to do. If the treatments are not successful reducing the tumors (yes, multiple), then the time frame I was given was six months. If the chemo has impact, I may extend 1-5 years. And 10% of "miracle patients" can make it 8 years. (Let's pray I'm in the "miracle" group!)

We covet you prayers through this new journey and sense great peace in the plan God has for me.

As Lead Pastor at Waterbrook Bible Fellowship in Wylie, Texas, I can tell you the Elders had been working on a plan prior to my diagnosis about some new staffing strategies. They were put in place prior to my prognosis. It is exciting to see how God was putting things in place before we even knew what was happening in my life. That's how God always works. The brightest days for Waterbrook are ahead and I'm thrilled to have been part of the development of those plans. My fingerprints will be around for a long time - even if I am not.

Please pray for Deana, the kids, and our parents. This news is jarring for everyone and we all need the peace of God moving forward.

I am praying for you!

This message includes some Bad News you may not have been expecting. That's true for me. BUT, God has not changed. I would encourage you with these thoughts about WHO GOD IS that is still true in both bad and good news scenarios. We let God define our point of view for life; not the other way around. Consider praying these truths with me back to God. 
God, today I will remember...

You are eternal
You have always been and always will be. You see the beginning and end simultaneously; therefore, Your people can trust Your leading. (1 Tim. 1:17)
You are unchanging
You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. In Your eternal permanence we find stability and peace. (Heb. 13:8)
You are love
You know us best and still love us, in spite of our frailty and sin. Your love is incomprehensibly vast, measureless in its length, depth, width, and height. (Eph. 3:17-19)
You are wise
You are the source of all truth and wisdom. You give wisdom generously to all without finding fault. (James 1:5)
You are infinite
Your judgments are unsearchable, and Your ways are past finding out. (Rom. 11:33)
You are omnipresent
You are completely everywhere at all times. I am never alone. (Psa. 147:5)
You are faithful
You are my covenant-keeping God. You are always true to Your Word. Great is your faithfulness. (2 Tim. 2:13)
You are gracious
In Christ Jesus, You deposited grace to my account when I was bankrupt and declared my debt paid in full by Your Beloved Son. (Psa. 116:5)
You are sovereign
You alone have all authority. You said "I am the first and I am the last; and beside Me there is no God." (Isa. 44:6)
You are majestic
Your holiness is beautiful beyond comprehension. Your glory is to marvelous for words. From all of eternity, You have been working wonders in creation, redemption, and providential care. (Psa. 29:2)
I choose to face whatever comes my way today with You, my glorious and awesome God.

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