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Jeff Cunningham Jeff’s Trip to Mayo

Dear Friends & Family,

On Wednesday May 23rd I'm scheduled to have a benign tumor (adenoma) removed from my pituitary gland. (Unbelievable how many times I've written that word and I still can't spell it right the first time! :)
An MRI of my head done this spring to investigate some hearing loss revealed the tumor; otherwise I had been having no symptoms and it might have gone undiscovered for a longer period of time. It turns out these are relatively common. There are a couple of links where you can read more about adenomas in the Ways to Help section of this webpage.
The surgery will be done at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and I'm looking forward to not only getting it removed and behind me but also experiencing health care at Mayo. It is a relatively straightforward surgery and I should just be in the hospital overnight and released the next day, if no complications. It’s actually classified as outpatient surgery.
If you'd like to help, your prayers and thoughts during the next few days will be much appreciated. 
I've seen the power of prayer in more serious medical situations experienced by others and truly believe in the words on a plaque I saw in an intensive care ward, "Prayer Changes Things."

Thank you in advance and I look forward to updating this after the surgery and telling you about Mayo Clinic. 


Jeff (and Cathy)