Jeff Lucas

First post: Feb 18, 2019 Latest post: Mar 16, 2022
Several weeks ago (early February 2019), Jeff learned that his lower stomach issues were severe. Testing showed that there were two large masses on his colon and immediate removal was recommended. Further testing showed issues with his lymph nodes in the same area as well as legions on his liver. Based on these results, his cancer was deemed to be "stage four". 

Through this entire process and progressive bad-to-worse news, Jeff has constantly reflected Christ peace and quiet confidence. Jeff has repeatedly reminded us that "God's got this" and he has grown much closer in his walk with God over the past few weeks. Those of us around Jeff have grown closer to God as well through Jeff's direction and inspiration. 

We will use this site to offer updates to each step of Jeff's health journey and as a place for you to send your messages of healing, faith and encouragement to each other and to Jeff. The current treatment plan begins with colon/liver surgery on Monday, February 18th followed by a recovery period then a chemo regimen. Thank you for your care, love, prayers and incredible words of support and encouragement.