Jean Regan Jean Regan (nee Joyce)

First post: May 26, 2018 Latest post: Jun 10, 2018
Our Teacher. Our Rock. Our Heart. Our Home.  We are stunned and saddened that Jean has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  This is not how we thought her story would end.  But in her characteristic way, she will teach us how to die with grace, strength, faith, and love.  We will cherish our time with her and all who love her during these next few weeks and months.  We thank God for this gift of time, the gift of salvation, as we pray for comfort and peace. 


On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Kelly drove Jean to the Mayo Clinic ER for treatment of severe abdominal pain which had been building over the past month.  It was a harrowing ride, and, thankfully, the doctors were able to relieve her pain.  She was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, where she’d once cared for patients with the same compassion we have witnessed poured out on her.  The next day, we learned that she had growths in her pancreas, liver, and possibly lymph nodes.  After a biopsy, the worst was confirmed.  Jean has a fast growing cancer that originated in her pancreas and has spread throughout her abdominal cavity.  We were told to measure her time in weeks, not months. 


From the minute the tumors were discovered, Jean told us that she would not undergo any treatment.   She has created a beautiful life with Don, her devoted husband of 64 years.  She dedicated her life to raising their 7 kids.  She cared for her aging mother and our dear cousins, her “French” kids.  And she has lived to see her grandkids and great grandkids.  As only a farm girl can, she spent her days in selfless service to others, particularly when they needed it most.  “What more do I need?” she says.  Now, her goals are simple:  to be as comfortable as possible, and not to be a burden.  Grace. Strength. Faith. Love. Our Teacher. Our Rock. Our Heart. Our Home.


We invite you to follow Jean’s story.  A beautiful woman.  A life well-lived.  Rewarded with an ending she says she would have scripted for herself.  Pray with us, remember with us, laugh and cry with us, and walk with us through her last chapter here on Earth.  Then we can look forward in joyful hope to the final chapter with her in eternity.  Thanks be to God.