Jean Botts

First post: Oct 28, 2020 Latest post: Nov 10, 2020
Mom (Jean) was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday October 20.  Patti brought her in with a cough, fever and sever headache. She had infiltrates in her lungs and tested Positive for Covid 19.  For the first 3 days she declined each day with a scare and a threat to put her on a Ventilator on Thursday.  Also on Thursday, Jean had another X-Ray that showed the infiltrates in her lungs were worse, not better. She is up and down with the amount of oxygen they are providing. For days now, it has not been less than 85% and up to 100% via the BiPap. Yesterday, October 26, She was able to only be off BiPap for 5 minutes before her Sat's started to decline so eating was not an option for her. Today , October 27, she was able to stay off for 10-15 minutes and eat a little more. But now her BiPap is at 90% as well. Nobody, not even us, can see her. She is alone and wants to come home, but she knows she needs to get better and is looking forward to doing just that.  She can receive deliveries so yes, if you want to send something to Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, she would love it.  Room 6-1122. Please continue to pray and I will do my best to update this site.