Jay Zink

First post: Aug 24, 2020 Latest post: Nov 13, 2020
   Dear family and friends.  Jay was diagnosed on August 11th with a fast moving terminal blood cancer (AML) leukemia.  We are heart broken to write that he has been given only weeks to a month or two to live.  He will be at home during this time.  He has always been there for us all as a loving Father, Grandfather, friend, servant and solid rock in our lives and in his community.  Now it's our turn to return the love and support.  He struggles emotionally with it all as he is still working through it and it's been difficult for him to talk about it.  If you talk with him he prefers to talk about things as usual.  He might open up and share some things about how he's doing with you, but please leave that up to him.  That being said, please share a positive memory or funny story that you think Jay might enjoy reading.  He may not respond to your comment or story but know that he appreciates it and so do we.  If you are compelled to reach out to him in one way or another please do so. We will update this site from time to time as we have more information.  Please leave your stories and memories below and check out the journal entries for the latest info.  Thank you for visiting.  - Sincerely,  David Whelan  (Grandson). Please feel free to also contact my mom, Kay Zink Whelan at 612-251-1924