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Around August I noticed a small lump in my breast which didn’t really concern me until it started to hurt. I went in to have my OBGYN take a look and she referred me to a mammogram. Now a little nervous but not extremely because this happened a year ago and turned out to be nothing. After getting my mammogram I was then recommended for a biopsy. Now I was starting to panic because I knew they had to see something if they recommended me for a biopsy and I was still in a-lot of pain. Got my biopsy on 11/4 and they called me with the results on 11/8  3 days before my birthday I found out I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer yayyyy me lol. After a much needed birthday getaway 11/17 kicked off a stream of Doctors appointments and my new normal. I set up this page to inform people about how rare yet common this breast cancer is more so in African American women so we have to be sure to pay attention to our bodies and if you notice anything anywhere get it checked out.