Jayme Koehn

First post: Dec 29, 2018 Latest post: Dec 29, 2019
Yesterday December 28th a bunch of us Koehns were together at Grandpa's. The guys were shooting clay pigeons. Jayme, Natalie, Paige and Jace were going on a utv ride on the the gravel road behind the house with Jayme enthused-ly driving. We don't know all the details but it appeared like she may have been dodging a pot hole and lost control. The other riders said it almost came to a stop before it rolled over. It appears like her injury was from a huge jolt before it tipped over. The others all scrambled out of there and are fine. The helicopter picked her up from the scene and took her to LeBonheurs Children s Hospital in Memphis. Charlie and I took Sherwin and Joni up there as fast as we could go.