JayD Miller

My dad has worked hard his whole life to provide for my mom and us kids. He always taught us to be productive every day and to do what we needed to to get things done. If we ever needed anything no matter what it was or when it was, we always said "I'm calling dad". He always knew how to fix anything and everything and he did. My mother has been with him since she was a young teen. She would always make the comment that my dad and her raised each other. He always took care of her and made sure that she never wanted or needed for anything. He started having some pain in his side about 10 years ago. He kept going to the doctor over and over because they couldnt find what it was and kept saying it was most likely in his head. Last year they finally found out what it was. Cancer. Stage 4 lung cancer. It devastated us all. The doctors didnt catch it until it was too late to treat. He was still going strong every single day. Up until about 2 weeks ago he would try to walk with a walker to get around some, he never wanted to stop moving, but he has went downhill very fast. Now he cant walk, he can't  talk very well, he can't feed himself, he cant dress. It's horrible to see him this way.