Jax Thorburn

First post: Aug 15, 2020 Latest post: Aug 2, 2021
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place.   On August 8, 2020 our lives took a very different turn down a very different road.   Jax was battling what we thought a typical 7 year old would have , seasonal allergies.   Doctors would continue to say it was congestion and post nasal drip , sending us home  with allergy medication and a nasal spray.   As any typical kid , he experienced headaches , and would get  sick but would bounce right back and  go play afterwards.   Last Sunday and the week prior , he didn’t bounce back like he usually would.   As any mother would trust their gut that somethings wasn’t right With their child , I immediately took Jax to the ER at Paoli.  After testing we got sent home yet again and Jax continued to get even more sick and dehydrated.       We ended up back in the ER the next day and luckily a good friend Of mine in the ER recommended further imaging and requested us to go to A.I. DuPont Children’s Hospital.   At 9 pm we were hit with the horrific news that there was a huge mass in Jackson’s right temporal lobe.    Brian and I were shocked to our core.   After more imaging we learned that it did not metastasize to his spine.   This was good news.    We were told our next step was to take a biopsy of the tumor , and wait 7-10 days for the pathologist to give us results.  We also sent it out for genetic testing.   After 7 sleepless , heartbreaking nights in the ICU Jax did remarkably well during the biopsy and didn’t complain once.   He had the bravery of a warrior and remained his happy self , playing basketball in the room , dancing and playing board games.   You would never think anything was wrong with Jax. Ironically, we then learned that the headaches and vomiting had NOTHING to do with the brain tumor... he was experiencing migraines.    So now we have two issues to manage.  Jax was put  on headache medicine and anti -nausea meds as needed and we will monitor him closely.   Until then we got to come today ( August 15) without restrictions , and told to make the most of the week and spend as much family time as we can before we get the pathology results.     
Brian and I have been overwhelmed with amount of phone calls , messages , gifts for Jax  in and out of the hospital and meals given to my dad and to my family who couldn’t visit because of Covid. We figure this page would be a great way for you all to stay informed on our new journey .  While we don’t know which road this journey will take us , we know how much  Jackson is loved,  and we know that we are surrounded by such loving and caring friends and family .   We want to thank you for all your support thus far we won’t be able to get through it without you all.