Jason Stunson

First post: Aug 17, 2018 Latest post: Sep 9, 2023
For many reasons, I have decided to journal about Jason's journey through life. From the day he was born, it has been very challenging for him . He was born with Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome, has had multiple surgeries, both kidneys removed, dialysis, kidney transplant in 2004.  May 25, 2018 he had an emergency craniotomy to remove a brain tumor from his Pituitary gland and again in May 2019 the tumor returned.  

After all of that, Jason is now facing dialysis and another kidney transplant due to no fault of his own. It was a dosage error from his Nephrologist. He just can’t catch a break. 

I'm hoping one day he will read these journal entries and it will encourage him and help him  see how much he has overcome. I pray that he finds strength in times that he feels  defeated. Maybe in the process he can help someone else who may find themselves struggling or needing encouragement.

I appreciate all of you that have been there for us and continue to keep Jason in your prayers.