Jason Schlotterback

First post: Jun 9, 2020 Latest post: Jun 22, 2020
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.  Please know this is a very hard and heartbreaking time and we appreciate all the prayers you can send up but at this time please do not attempt contact Jason's parents or Jason's little sister (me).  Thank you and please storm the heavens with prayers!!

Jason went into the hospital for shortness of breath last Sunday May 31st assuming he had pneumonia. He tested negative for COVID. They ran extensive tests and procedures early in the week to figure out/rule out what was wrong. By Wednesday they told him he had lung cancer (a large mass in his left lung that is making that lung not provide and pushing on his esophagus) and also emphysema and COPD in the right lung. Jason talked to his parents, Fred, Mary and Roger over the phone Thursday since he is in Ocala, FL and they were each at their respective homes (Indiana and North Carolina). Jason told his parents that he is a fighter and he was going to battle it. I share this with you so you know that Jason understands the battle he's up against and he is scared but fighting. Friday morning, he had a surgical procedure to put in a port (a device similar to an outlet that allows them to inject chemo and medicines and also draw blood without poking him a million times). During the surgery Jason was not breathing well and they had to intubate him with a ventilator. They tried to take him off the vent Friday afternoon but put it back on after 10 minutes since he was having a hard time breathing on his own. Jason's Dad was with him Friday afternoon until visiting hours were over and he said Jason held his hand (and had the strength to just about break Fred’s fingers 😬) nods his head yes and no to questions so he still understands and is all there (no brain damage, not in a coma).  By Saturday my Mom, Roger, my daughter Lauren (aka Milkshake for anyone who knew Jason well) and I were here with Jason also. When Jason told his parents he was a fighter they said they would  fight with him.  Jason's parents have been meeting with the Dr's to get treatment plan options and Jason is involved in all decisions. The hospital only allows one visitor from 6am to 6pm at a time due to COVID.  My parents have asked that we hold off on any visitors because Jason is so very sick and critical.   

Today, June 9th, is the big chemo day.  The oncology team said it was vital to begin chemo as soon as possible to attempt to shrink the tumor so Jason can get off the ventilator. Things are critical.  My Dad discussed this Caring Bridge site with Jason and he nodded yes that is was ok with us putting it on his Facebook.  The last few years Jason has really grown in his faith and he knows the Lord and the power of prayer.  Please please please pray for Jason and my parents!!