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First post: May 30, 2021 Latest post: Jul 17, 2021
From Greta Dawn Hagg to all of Jason Root and her friends and family:
Jason had a major R MCA stroke on 5/27. We were life flighted to SLC, they were unable to remove the blood clot in his brain (thrombectomy) that came from his heart, after multiple attempts.
He had a surgery (hemicraniectomy) on 5/28 wherein a significant amount of his skull was removed to allow room for his brain to swell. This is a life saving procedure.
He is fairly conscious and can communicate fairly well. His left side of his body is unresponsive but is working with physical/ speech and occupational therapy (tiny sessions) to hopefully regain function of his speech and motor skills. There is lots of hope as the brain can rewire and bypass areas, coupled with the fact that he is young and healthy.
We will know more in the coming weeks and months. Send strength to J, he’s fighting hard.
His family and my family are here with me and I’m so grateful.
He's feeling the army of love and medical brilliance behind him.
He has an amazing strong spirit and my love for him is boundless.