Jason Olson

First post: Mar 17, 2022 Latest post: Feb 3, 2024
Jason has been battling some unexpected medical issues since early February 2022. He was admitted to Alomere Health on Thursday, February 10th with dangerously low hemoglobin levels. He received multiple blood transfusions, which slowly improved these levels and he was discharged Saturday, February 12th. Jason returned to the hospital several times over the next few weeks to receive more blood transfusions and do more testing to determine what was causing the low hemoglobin levels. Before we were able to determine a cause, on Thursday, March 10th around 2:00 am Jason had a stroke and multiple seizures. He was taken to Alomere Health and airlifted to St. Cloud Hospital shortly after and admitted to the ICU. The stroke affected the right side of his brain, which controls the left side of his body.