Jarvis Hoffman

Hi family,

You may have heard by now that Jarvis suffered a severe stroke and is currently in the ICU at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. At this time we are unsure of the specific details of what caused the stroke but we do know that the doctors were able to successfully remove a 2 inch blood clot from a vessel in his brain. The clot was located in the brainstem which is responsible for controlling our breathing, heart beating, blood pressure, and other important functions of the body. We are unsure how long the clot was there before he made it to the hospital so we dont know how long that part of his brain went without oxygen. At this time we are not sure how bad the damages but we will be using this app to keep everyone updated. Please check this app FIRST for the most up to date information. This well help reduce the constant calls/texts to the people at his bedside and prevent them from constantly repeating information.