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First post: Feb 10, 2021 Latest post: Mar 22, 2022

Dear Friends and Family, we created this page to update you all on a very unexpected journey our family has been on with our sweet son Uriah.  We have been surrounded by so much support and we are so thankful for all your prayers and kindness.  We are not able to respond to every text/call/email right now, but hopefully this page can help you guys feel apart of what's going on.  Thank you so very much for being in our corner and loving our family so well!  

Here is how it started (or at least how it started to us).  Uriah's Story: 
On Wednesday morning, January 20th, Jared had noticed a swollen lymph node on Uriahs neck.  He took a picture of it because it was pretty big.  Later that afternoon, Chrystal was at a friends house with the children and she noticed the lymph node and told her friend.  This friend said she had noticed it too when he was there that day!  Chrystal took Uriah to the dr the very next day and were told we need to get blood work done (which we had done right after that appointment).  At that time, our son was showing no other symptoms.  No fever, not lethargic.  He was he normal self.  On Friday morning we got a phone call with the results from the blood work saying the numbers were not good but not bad, and that we needed to go to Morgantown first thing Monday morning for more blood work.  We packed his diaper bag and Jared and him went to get the blood work (expecting that they would come home right after that appointment).  Well, they had the results back right away and the dr and Jared face-timed Chrystal with the results that Uriah was going to be staying overnight and needed a bone marrow biopsy the following day to check for Leukemia.  He had the bone marrow biopsy Tuesday January 26th, and we found out he did have B-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  We were told this is a low risk leukemia at this time praise the Lord! He has already started chemo and we are looking at him being in the hospital for at least 4 weeks.  

Family update: I'm sure many of you are wondering where are all the rest of the children? God has been so faithful to meet every single need.  Right now the four oldest girls are with grandparents in PA and really enjoying their time with them.  They are sad for their brother and miss him but we are so thankful they are there.  The hospital put Chrystal in a hotel right by the the hospital and she has a room there for the forceable future.  They are covering the costs for that!  She has a friend here right now who is staying in the room with her and taking care of the babies.  Chrystal comes back and forth to nurse them (the babies won't take a bottle at this point).  Jared is full time with Uriah.  

With Uriahs immune system being wiped out during this time, we have to be extra careful.  Only Jared and Chrystal are able to be in the hospital this whole time.  Not even any siblings or the nursing babies (so that is making a little extra challenge but things are working out).  Chrystal is planning to be going back and forth a lot to be with Uriah as much as possible and so many people have stepped in to offer help with our girls, and we are thankful for that.  

Some Prayer Requests: 
For Uriah to not be in pain!  For total healing over his little precious body.  That Jared and he would have good nights rests. That the medicine would not have any negative side effects and work great. For grace in this season with nursing babies and crazy schedules. For comfort and peace for us all as we are not all together.  And especially that God would be glorified somehow through this.  We love you and we will keep you posted as we are able. 

Also, Uriah name means “God is my fire”!  God is Uriah's light and with his whole life to Him be the glory!