Jared Hager Jared Hager recovery

Jared Hager (my identical twin brother) was injured doing what he loves. Skateboarding. While out in Palm Springs for the day to ride some perfect terrain with friends, Jared took a fall while trying to slow himself down. He suffered sever head trama and was admitted into Desert regional medical center. Two hematomas developed and he needed emergency surgery. Along side a ruptured ear drum and small fracture to his temple. Surgery went well and he is now stable and on the mend. 
Jared and myself have spent the past 16 years dedicated to the art and craft of survitude to skateboarding and our community. From our years with Visalia ymca skatecamp/ elemental awareness teaching kids skateboarding and wilderness survival skills ,to having our own brand (Hager Brother Solutions) where we are able to help, build, and create for people on large or small scale. 
Jared is a very heartfelt, charismatic, giving and intelligent man. He selflessly and constantly keeps his eyes open for anyone in his perrifreal who may need a hand. 
Jared needs our help. Medical bills and care will be mounting soon enough. Though Jared and I work hard with our carpentry lemon aid stand, we don’t make near enough to handle something like this. Anything helps. 
My heart aches for my twin but I know he will bounce back 100%. Much love to all Thank you Cody Hager