Janice Hansen

First post: Feb 23, 2021 Latest post: Apr 13, 2021
My mom had a rough experience that last time she went in for surgery. in July 2020 she had major spinal fusion surgery, but the real problem came when an infection got into her blood and made her go septic. This delayed and inhibited recovery from surgery. she was in hospitals or tehabe facilities for just about six months. she's been back home in our home since Christmas, and slowly getting strength back.

I'm happy to report that her strength has started to come back. She's been sitting at the table with us for dinner, and if you know my my mom, you won't be suprised to know that she finds joy in being helpful with things like dishes.

Mom is going in today for a follow-up surgery that will fuse her spine even further. Her doctors are optimistic that this will allow her to do more therapy and get more strength and independence back.

When Mom moved in with us over Christmas 2019, she was surving on muscle relaxants because she was in so much pain. I'm happy to report that she hasn't needed those or other serious painkillers for a couple months.

Now our prayer is for a successful surgery, and a smooth recovery. We humbly ask God to give Mom some years here with her family and friends shining light into our lives. We know that she is in good hands with God.