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First post: Feb 26, 2018 Latest post: Apr 9, 2018
Our Mother has been diagnosed with stage four small cell lung cancer that metatasisized to the brain. Since there was no guarantee that radiation could target over a dozen lesions in the brain and due to a variety of comorbidities and weakness, chemo was not advised.  Jane chose quality life, a decision to not do chemo  from the neck down but has  continued to do palliative radiation to the lung and brain to shrink swelling for easier breathing and less confusion, etc.   While this very aggressive cancer was shown not to have spread to the lymph nodes,  bone or kidneys two weeks ago,  the doctors now believe these areas are all being affected (from her  adrenals up to  the esophagus).   Wednesday will be Jane’s last scheduled  treatment of radiation (10/10) and  will then be moved  from McLaren Hospital into  the comfort of her own home with 24 hour in home care and hospice.   My husband Randy and I  will have been here two weeks, returning home to Texas Friday morning. We cannot thank Jane’s sister, Mary and niece, Wendy enough for all their time, love & care at Mom’s bedside...  Along with Mom’s many devoted friends who show their warm loving faces each day!  We are inviting Jane’s sister Mary, niece Wendy and good friend and neighbor Diane to keep us updated with the journal as they live close by Mom in Michigan. We are so grateful for all of your love, prayers and well wishes for our Mother! Thank you for your Visits & Following her here in Caringbridge! 💕 Terri & Tammy