Janet Mellody Janet’s Journey

First post: Feb 10, 2021
Janet Mellody is by all accounts a positive, radiant life force. A caring wife, mother and grandmother; she is the dutiful matriarch of our family. Every occasion large or small is made more special by her contributions. Janet is a dedicated team member who takes pride in her work both personally and professionally. She makes lasting impressions and friendships wherever she goes. She is a person of faith, candor and kindness. If you are here reading this today it is because Janet has touched your life in some way, and you hers.

As many of you now know, Janet was diagnosed with Stage II Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) in January of 2021 after a routine lung screening identified a lesion on one of her lungs. Small cell lung cancer is the rarest and most aggressive form of lung cancer, affecting primarily cigarette smokers and former cigarette smokers (though non or never-smokers should not consider themselves immune to some form of lung cancer!). Tobacco is an addiction that has plagued many members of our family. We are asking with non-judgmental love in our hearts that those of you who share this addiction observe Janet’s vitality at 60 years of age and become empowered to choose health— we value you.

Diagnosis at Stage II in a fast-growing cancer such as SCLC is extremely early detection. Janet experienced no symptoms leading up to her diagnosis. Her doctor didn’t mince words in proclaiming elective early screening to have saved her life! The importance of early cancer screening- for all types of cancer- cannot be understated. This is the first step in everyone’s fight against cancer.

A breast cancer survivor, we know Janet is strong and will face this latest challenge courageously with her usual aplomb. As the family of a cancer survivor, we know this is a journey no one should have to walk alone. We will be utilizing Caring Bridge to create community for Janet, Rob and our family as we traverse this difficult landscape. Here you will be able to access treatment updates, view photographs, send well wishes, identify current needs, leave donations and otherwise show support for Janet throughout her brave sojourn through SCLC.

We love you all and are encouraged to have your support.

~ Morgan, Rob, Kim (authors: daughter, husband, best friend) and most especially, Janet from another Planet 🤍