Janet Brown

First post: Jun 18, 2019 Latest post: Jul 22, 2019

On Sunday June 16th, Jan was brought into the ER because of vomiting and not feeling well. She was admitted to Methodist Hospital, and has gone downhill since. We are still unsure of exactly what is going on, but it looks like she is bleeding into the second stomach that was stapled off during her gastric bypass surgery in 2004. They are unable to do any kind of surgery in her condition as she is too fragile. She has had some CT scans to try and determine why there is blood getting into her second stomach. There is a G-tube placed in the second stomach, and they have tried to flush it but nothing is coming out. Today they are doing some more imaging to see what might be working and to know if they can give her nutrition without placing a Picc line. She is in and out of coherency, and they have her on a lot of pain and anti-nausea medications.